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Viking Multi-Zone Paging INterface

- Touch Tone control of four zones (expandable to 8 zones)
- Switches line level signal to amplifiers or amplified signal to speakers (amplifier(s) not included)
- Balanced audio circuitry for low noise
- Night bell warble with adjustable level from contact closure or ringing analog line
- Input provided for background music
- Separate paging and background music level adjustments
- Background music automatically mutes in paged zone(s) in all but single amplifier mode
- All-call and five group call patterns, selected by Touch Tones
- Adjustable page alert tone level
- Interfaces with ringing C.O. lines, Centrex lines, paging ports, unused phone system trunk inputs, or ringing analog station ports
- Disconnects on timeout, silence, or CPC
- Screw terminals for all input and output connnections


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