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Viking Automated Call Attendant

- Non-volatile E2 memory-- no batteries required for memory retention during power failures
- Remote or local rrecording
- Bilingual capabilities-- allows menu selection in two languages
- Programmable ring delay
- Professionally greets and processes calls
- Compatible with Centrex, PBX, Hybrid Key, and many electronic key systems with OPX or single line station capabilities
- Stores up to nine 16-digit speed dial numbers and one 32 digit number
- Processes approximately four calls per minute (stack as many units as necessary for larger capacity)
- Record announcements with a standard carbon handset or tape player
- Separate announcements for greeting/menu selection, confirmation and busy extension
- Blocks 8+ and 9+ dialing Touch Tone interruptable announcement
- Default speed dial position for non Touch Tone phones
- CPC detection


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