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    Valcom GPS Clock, Wired - Rack Mount

    Valcom V-GPSA is a highly accurate, microprocessor based multi-functional clock controller. The V-GPSA is equipped with a programmable auxiliary relay that can be programmed anywhere from 1-99 seconds. In case the signal is not present, the seconds will flash to indicate there is no signal. The VGPSA will then utilize a temperature controlled time base allowing calibration of the time base during variants of temperature. The V-GPSA is easily programmable via two (2) switches. The V-GPSA incorporates diagnostic testing of the V-GPSA. The VGPSA also has a Valcom digital output utilized for interfacing with other Valcom products. The V-GPSA can be powered with 110 volts AC / 60 Hz or 220 volts AC / 50 Hz. It shall be FCC approved.


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