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SKU: VC-V-9964

Valcom Digital Feedback Elimin

- Eliminates busy signals on heavily used paging systems and also prevents acoustic feedback
- Multiple messages can be recorded simultaneously
- Add input ports in increments of 2 by adding additional units
- Connect up to 4 units together to provide 8 ports-- Enables up to 8 simultaneous pages, stores, and plays back in sequence
- Automatic consistent volume level even when recording voices vary-- low to high
- Stacks messages-- records a page while playing a recorded page
- Eliminate feedback to all zones with only one unit
- High-fidelity-- sounds like a natural voice not like a recording
- Solid state design-- no moving parts to break
- LED indicators for play, record, busy, power
- Dipswitch programmable features
Pre-announce alert tone
Priority override (real time or delayed)
DTMF message cancel
- Real time background music with volume control
- Two audio outputs: 8 or 600 ohms loop
- Screw terminal connections
- Access by loop start trunk port, C.O. port, page port, or zone output of Valcom page control
- Emergency messages can interrupt play back sequence (interrupted message will play in full once emergency message has completed)
- Wall and rack mounting hardware included


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