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SKU: VK-K-1500P-W

Red No Dial Wall Phone with Ringer

- Viking Electronics no-dial phone
- Red
- Can be used on an analog PABX station port or standard CO line to receive calls
- Can also be used with a dedicated ringdown circuit, such as Viking's DLE-200B, to provide cost effective point-to-point communications
- Built in volume adjustable ringer
- No dial pad
- Hearing aid compatible amplified handset with volume control
- Available in two colors: red or ash
- Optional VE-9x12 or VE-9x20 weatherproof box
- Ringdown phones
- Pool phones
- Catalog sales
- Kiosks in malls
- Courtesy and customer service phones
- Automated tellers
- Security and emergency phones
- Point to point communication when used with the DLE-200B Line Simulator


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