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Network Clock Controlled Tone Generator

- Up to 14 Schedules and up to 1,000 Events
- 6 minutes of CD quality WAV file record time
- Up to 14 different tones or messages
- 4 programmable trigger inputs for emergency tones, etc.
- Automatic Day Light Savings Time and leap year correction
- Programmable NTP Clock synchronization
- PC programming software included • RS485 clock SYNC terminals for remote Master Clock control of Viking CL Series RF synchronized clocks
- Non-volatile memory with 4 day clock back up
- Factory loaded with school/factory tones and evacuation signals (ANSI S3.41), etc.
- Remote program via TCP/IP network
- Page trigger outputs (12VDC and DPDT relay)
- Programmable Auxiliary relay contacts (DPDT)
- 24 hour digital clock displays hours & minutes
- One mono line level pre-amp input and audio output
- Built-in 1 watt mono audio amplifier
- One isolated audio output for PABX / dial access paging
- Master volume control
- Programmable volume control per tone/message
- Time base selection: Network, 50/60Hz or internal
- Programmable message repeat count for trigger inputs


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