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    SKU: VAL-V-1450

    High-Fidelity Signature Series™ In-Wall Spkr

    Control. This speaker has an externally accessible volume control one-way paging and high quality music reproduction from any Valcom Page fidelity, self-amplified (6 Watt) speaker and may be used to provide located behind the grille and is screwdriver adjustable. The V-1450 will cover an area up to 600 square feet and should be spaced 20 feet apart. Good quality paging will be heard up to 30 feet in front of the speaker. The V-1450 requires -24VDC, 200mA (4 Valcom power units). The The Valcom Signature Series In-Wall Speaker, V-1450, is a high speaker is available in white and supplied with a trim ring and grille.


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