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GPS Master Clock

- Valcom GPS master clock
- 8 Channel technology
- Microprocessor based
- Immediate start up time
- High reliability
- In case of loss of signal, a temperature controlled time base is implemented allowing calibration of the time during variants in temperature
- Synchronized to UTC within 500 nanoseconds
- Interfaces directly with Valcom analog and digital clock systems
- Capable of working as a master for Valcom 2-wire digital systems
- Operation of auxiliary circuit for once-a-day relay closure with precise second resolution
- Field programmable via 2 switches
- 2 Levels of programming for technicians and end users
- 10 Year battery backup for timekeeping
- 1 Programmable signal duration per circuit (1 - 99 seconds), allowingthe user to interface with other systems
- Diagnostic mode allows the user to maintain and troubleshoot the clock system from the master clock
- LED display
- Valcom digital inputs and outputs
- Rack mountable
- FCC approved
- Madein the U.S.A.
- When used with Valcom wirelessclocks, add a V-WMCR wireless master clock repeater
- When used with Valcom wired clock (2-wire correction) add V-VCU 6-Amp 2-wire clock drivers asnecessary
- Includes 6 foot power cord, dome antenna, 75 foot RG-59 cable


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