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Four Line Long Loop Adapter

- Viking Electronics long loop adapter
- Provides 4 long line and off premise extension (OPX) capabilities for PABX and KSU analog stations, ISDN terminal adapters, channel banks, etc.
- Converts any four low talk battery boltage or weak ringing analog line into a standard 48V line with powerful 20Hz sine wave ring signal
- Compatible with pulse dialing, touch tone dialing, hook switch flash features, CPC signaling and Caller ID features
- Ground screw terminal allows for improved surge protection and as an earth ground reference for the regenerated lines
- Easy to install, requires no programming
- Convert four analog KSU/PABX stations to standard voltage OPX
- Provides 48 VDC talk battery
- Provides 20 HZ, 10 REN sine wave ringing
- Passes Caller ID information
- Passes hook switch flash DTMF and pulse dialing compatible
- Passes CPC signals
- Electrically isolates PABX station from extended loop
- Provides additional lightning and surge protection
- Selectable ring protocols


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