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    SKU: WTS-501

    51323.001 Line Test Buttset

    TALK/RING/MONITOR switch conveniently located inside handgrip
    Switchable tone or pulse dialing, with switch located inside of handgrip
    High impedance monitor will not disturb data, conversations, or signaling
    Polarity indicator
    Last number redial (31 digits maximum)
    10 number memory storage
    Three position volume control for up to 12 dB gain
    Protection against excessive voltage and transient ringer signals
    Direct connection to most batteries and power supplies
    Spring-loaded reversible belt clip
    Cloth-covered cord equipped with securely anchored strain relief, modular RJ11X plug, and two five-way test clips
    Spade connector included Moisture resistant 2.5 mm headset jack compatible


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