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    SKU: 14207-95

    Jabra Perform Charging Stand 5-Bay,

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    We are happy to announce the launch of the Jabra Perform Charging Stand 5-Bay, the ideal charging stand for those who want to maximize productivity for shift workers by charging up to 5 Perform 45 headsets at the same time. The charging stand is also able to update the Jabra Perform headsets to the latest firmware using Jabra Direct or Jabra Express, so you can update 5 headsets at a time. It combines maximum efficiency with impressive durability and comes in a compact design made  to fit on standard 19 rack shelves. You get a 1m/3ft USB cable to offer  even more flexibility and a 2-year warranty (Charging Stand only), so you can handle anything that busy backrooms and bustling break rooms throw at it. Key selling points: Efficient charging for up to five headsets at once Keep headsets updated for enhanced performance Superior  durability with a 2-year warranty Fits any flat surface including standard 19 rack shelves Magnetic docking for easy placement
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